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  • Invited Guests - changing your guest or correcting their email
    If you are the LEAD BOOKER (the person who originally registered for tickets) and you applied for more than one ticket you will be able to update/change the details of your invited guests up until the point that they accept or decline their ticket. To do this LOG IN Go to 'Applications & Tickets' in your profile At the bottom of your booking click 'Manage Booking' Select 'Edit Guest Details' to change email address or name AND email address of yoru guests Select ' Remove Tickets' if you don't need all the tickets you have applied for. IMPORTANT - if your guest has already signed up to That's The Ticket as a verified member, the email address you send their ticket offer to MUST MATCH the email address they signed up with. NB. If your invited guest has already accepted or declined their ticket (you can see the status next to their name) you will not be able to make any changes. Any additional guests will need to sign up and apply for a ticket to the same session and hopefully, if the show is not fully booked, they will receive a ticket offer soon.
  • I need to change my mobile number/age/address
    At the moment the new software does NOT allow you to change details of a verified member. We are working hard to get this feature live for you. In the meantime please email any changes needed to with DB UPDATE in the subject heading.
  • I have registered for tickets - does this mean I have a ticket?
    When you register for tickets to a show, you will be sent an email to acknowledge that your application has been received. This does not however mean that you have been successful in getting a ticket offer YET. Tickets are sent out on a first come first served basis a week or two before the show. The ticketing system sends out the maximum number of tickets for each session. If people decline the tickets or if ticket offers expire, the system continues to send out offers until the show is full. The system will send out a reminder email the day before the show to everyone who has a ticket offer. Often people who have previously accepted tickets decline at this point. Sometimes it's as late as the day of the show after the 'Check In SMS' is sent before we know they are no longer coming. This means you could still receive a ticket offer up until the last minute. You can always check the status of your ticket application by signing into your user profile HERE Go to 'Applications & Tickets' under your profile and check the booking for the show you have applied for. in the top right hand corner of each booking you will see the booking STATUS. Application Pending = No ticket offer has been sent yet. Ticket Offer = A ticket offer has been sent to you - please accept or decline Tickets = You have accepted a ticket
  • Does having a ticket guarantee me entry?
    PRIORITY, VIP, FAMILY & FRIENDS and DISABILITY ACCESS Tickets DO guaranteed entry to the studio, provided you arrive at the arrival time on your ticket. GENERAL ADMISSION tickets not NOT guarantee entry. Because tickets are FREE we find that we often get no-shows on the day. As such, we do overticket our shows to allow for this. HOWEVER, we work hard to ensure that there are no turnaways at the door. A big part of this is down to the SMS CHECK IN. GENERAL ADMISSION Tickets operate on a first come first served basis and at the discretion of the Producer. We always recommend arriving to your show early if you have a General Admission ticket to get a better position in the queue.
  • What are Priority Tickets and how do I get them?
    Priority Tickets are tickets that GUARANTEE ENTRY to a show provided you arrive at the Arrival Time on your ticket. While we are rolling out the new system we have put a HOLD on all Priority Tickets. Priority tickets (and other perks!) will soon be available to TTT Members based off their Member Score. More info coming soon...
  • What do I do if I need special access/assistance due to a disability?
    When signing up with That's The Ticket, you will be asked if you have any Accessibility Requirements. This will be recorded in your user profile so any future shows you apply for will specify that you need an AR (Accessibility Required) ticket. If successful in being offered a ticket, you will notice that your ticket will be a ACCESSIBILITY REQUIRED ticket type. This ticket guarantees entry provided you arrive at the arrival time on the ticket. Please be aware that due to health and safety requirements in studio, we only have a limited number of accessibility spaces available. We allocate AR tickets on a first come first serve basis, based on the the specifics of the venue. If you turn up to the venue WITHOUT a ACCESSIBILITY REQUIRED ticket and require special consideration or seating you may not be permitted entry.
  • Am I allowed to bring a camera?
    Sorry, no photographic or recording equipment will be allowed in the venue and we ask that phones be switched off as soon as you arrive. Yes, even selfies are banned in the studio. The reason for this is because everything you see and hear in studio is confidential until the show goes to air. Your entry to the show and your agreeing to the Terms and Conditions upon applying for tickets include a non-disclosure agreement. We reserve the right to delete any photographs or videos off of your phone/camera if we believe that you have taken photos/footage of the show.
  • Can I bring food/drink and is there a dress code?
    Each show is slightly different. Please be sure to check your ticket for info specific advise relating to food, drink and dress code. A general rule of thumb for dress code (unless otherwise stated) is CLOSED TOED SHOES and where possible avoid BIG LOGOS.
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