TV shows work a bit differently to your regular show. Have a look at how it all works!

WHAT'S THE CATCH? That's right - tickets are FREE. That's The Ticket are paid by Production Companies to find and coordinate people to be a part of the audience. We will never ask for a cent from you. In return we only ask for your patience. Watching a television show in the making is not like going to the theatre or a concert.  



STEP 1: Sign up to our website to be the first to know when your favourite TV shows are filming! We'll let you know when and where it's filming, and when ticketing opens. You may even be sent a promocode for a free Priority Ticket upgrade!

STEP 2: Apply for tickets online! Keep in mind that a ticket application is a registration of interest. Because the tickets are free, lots of people sign up for tickets and then don't turn up. To make sure the studio is full for the show, we have to send out more tickets than we have seats. Don't forget to use your promocode!

STEP 3: If you've been successful in your ticket application, you will receive a ticket offer email from us 1-2 weeks before the show. If you applied using a Priority promocode, you're guaranteed to receive a ticket.

STEP 4: Click CONFIRM or DECLINE to RSVP. It's important that you respond asap, or the system will hit you up with new reminder emails every 24 hours. 

STEP 5: The day of the show, you'll receive a text message asking to CONFIRM your attendance and the number of tickets you'll be using. This lets us know how many people are planning on coming to the show.

STEP 6: Come to the show with your tickets. Our lovely registration staff will give you a wristband and make sure you're in the right line. Then, it's into the studio and it's time to start the show!





General Admission (GA) Tickets are our standard type of ticket. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being on a General Admission ticket, but there are some things you should be aware of.

On the day of the show, GA ticket-holders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Part of our work is ensuring a full studio. Because all of our tickets are free, we have to account for no-shows on the day. 

This means we have to send out more tickets than we have seats in the studio. For this reason, GA tickets do not guarantee entry to the show.

We work incredibly hard to ensure that the correct number of people turn up on the day, but please note that later arriving GA ticket-holders may not be able to gain entry to the studio.


Priority Tickets are limited and are offered only to our members. They're completely free but can only be accessed through our promotions.

We send out promocodes with most of our emails. These promocodes can be entered in the ticket application and will automatically upgrade you to Priority.

Priority ticket-holders are guaranteed entry to the studio provided they arrive on time. 

Once in the studio, Priority ticket-holders are given preferential seating where available.

It's important to note that if Priority ticket-holders are late, they risk losing their Priority status and their tickets will be reverted to GA on arrival. This means that Priority ticket-holders will need to wait at the end of the GA line.



We always try to offer Priority Tickets to as many people as we can. We can't offer everyone Priority Tickets because we have to overticket by as much as 2x the studio capacity.

We can't always offer Priority tickets to our shows as sometimes the demand is just too high. 

Here's the ways in which we decide who is eligible for a Priority upgrade:


We send out Priority Upgrade promo codes for most of our shows



Please email us before booking any flights and accomodation.



We'll upgrade you based on your travel distance for most of our shows



We'll be in touch to clarify your access req's and upgrade you space permitting



We run special offers on our social pages. Be sure to like and follow us!



We always try our hardest to make sure we ticket the right number of people to a show. We work hard to figure out how many people will actually show up; and most of the time, we're right!

However, on the odd occasion, we get it wrong and too many people turn up to the studio. In these cases, the last arriving GA ticketholders may not make it into the studio. We always try to have alternative activities that we can offer you vouchers for if you end up in this situation and depending on the length of the recording session, you may be able to come back later and make it back in.

If we have space in a future session, we will always try to offer you a Priority ticket to one of those. Some of the shows are in high-demand and so we aren't able to offer Priority Tickets to these. If no space is available, in future sessions of your show, we can offer your Priority Tickets to another one of our shows (pending availability).

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