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Australian made sketch comedy is BACK!


After nearly two decades, Australian made sketch comedy will finally be returning to our screens on Channel 7! The formula is simple. Australian comedians taking the piss out of Australia’s favourite (and least favourite) shows...

That's The Ticket subscribers have the opportunity to apply for FREE TICKETS to be a part of the PREVIEW SCREENING. What's more your laughter will be recorded and used in the final broadcast!

 With so much content currently at our fingertips, there’s no shortage of stuff to make fun of. From the big-ticket reality shows that fill the schedules, to the prestige dramas and true crime documentaries on the streamers. Not to mention big budget movies, unwanted reboots and all that clickbait that clogs our feeds - from YouTube unboxers to TikTok influencers ‘going live’. Everything is fair game! 

The 10-episode series is produced by Helium for Channel Seven and will showcase some of Australia’s most versatile up-and-coming performers. It will leave no show unwatched and bring audiences together by skewering them all.

*Audience must be over 15 years old 

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