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A huge part of attracting an audience, especially for a new format, is a great audience promo video. 

We use this promo video to spearhead our campaign both on our socials and in our emails to our database.

Where possible, the commissioning network will air this promo as well.

The promo video should have the following:

  • Brief description of the show

  • Where the show is filming

  • When the show is filming

  • Tickets are FREE

  • How to get tickets

NEW SERIES with no access to assets from other international versions of the format

In these cases we rely on a direct to camera call out from Celebrity attachments/host. This is only ever used for socials and our email mailout - not on air. Please see below examples:

NEW SERIES with access to assets from international versions of the format or
RETURNING SERIES with access to past season footage

Where possible, if you know a show is potentially coming back for another season it's always great to record an audience promo with the host in situ. Failing that, the network will usually cut together a compilation of show and audience shots and record a voiceover for your promo. This is made for on air spots but we also use this for our socials and email mailout. In these cases a super with the information on how to get tickets held for the duration of the spot is always helpful. Please see below examples: 

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